Ground Crew Seasonal Clothing

Wish for ground personnel… Coat.

Juneau Alaska, really bad weather.


I’ve modified your subject line. Might be good to include the words “clothing” or “attire” or “seasonal crew clothing” or “clothing appropriate for the climate or weather” - something to help when searching so that duplicates do not occur. :wink:

Yes, thanks for that ! Wasn’t thinking right…(brain was frozen :slightly_smiling_face:)

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Currently the workers on the tarmac wear the outift with short sleeves everyhwere around the world. Wich is not very realistic in snow covered parts of the world or on a rainy day.

From what I know it is possible to change look of the models based on the enviroment conditions (at least it is true for static objects). And I think it would be nice if the workers on the tarmac could change their outfit based on the weather outside.

Would like to see that as well.