Ground handling still feels bad

Core planes have always been and will continue to be simplified and accessible. They have been set up that way for a reason and its unlikely Asobo will change it in the near future.

If you’re on pc there are mods available or you can change the parameters yourself.

Have you even tried flying one of the better payware planes? They definitely do solve a lot of problems of the defaults that everyone keeps attributing to the core sim capabilites.

Sorry man, I disagree. Players shouldn’t have the ability to change any parameters of this game.
The .cfg files should be locked. I don’t want to see a C-172 blowing by me at mach-2, because somebody decided to change things up a little.

OK then I guess this will be the first sim in history that subsists on its unmodified core aircraft.

If you’re not willing to use free mods or third party planes well I don’t know what to say… You’ll just have to wait for Asobo to update them.

In su10 there are some added parameters to control ground friction so they’ll probably eventually roll them out to all the default planes at some point. I’d expect this to be a very slow process though given they haven’t even rolled out their improved prop model or cfd flight model enhancements to all the planes yet.

Never said I didn’t use third party mods. I said “Not everyone can afford to buy third party aircraft”
Please do not change my words so that they suit you.

I do not use Mods when Beta Testing. Kind of defeats the purpose now doesn’t it.

You said and I quote.

“Players shouldn’t have the ability to change any parameters of this game.
The .cfg files should be locked.”

How am I twisting your words. In any case don’t let me stop you from continuing your rant.

What are you on about?
You do not remember saying “If you’re not willing to use free mods or third party planes well I don’t know what to say”?

Please stop instigating.
Good Day!

All I’ll say is that, the following parameters in the aircraft cfg control your steering input.

max_speed_full_steering = 10 ; Defines the speed under which the full angle of steering is available (in feet/second).
max_speed_decreasing_steering = 20 ; Defines the speed above which the angle of steering stops decreasing (in feet/second).
min_available_steering_angle_pct = 0.2 ; Defines the percentage of steering which will always be available even above max_speed_decreasing_steering (in percent over 100).

Set the first to 40 and the second to 100 in the 172 so your steering doesn’t get neutered above walking pace and see if that doesn’t help.

I certainly will not. I do not work for Asobo. Leave the programming to them.
There’s no need for a user to be messing with the .cfg files.
Soon after they do, they come here complaining because they broke ‘something’.

Ok buddy enjoy the wait…

That eliminated one factor. Now, which aircraft do you taxi with and at what ground speed? And in what weather conditions? Terrain is imported for wind speed interfereing.

Using the MFG Crosswind V3 rudder petals and taxiing the Just Flight Arrow seems to be fine, no icing/skidding trying to keep it on the center line. Dry conditions with 1800 prop rpm.

Only calibrated MFG Crosswinds once with the manufacturer took, and didn’t change any settings in MSFS 2040 (lol).

Not sure about Trislander yet because of study level and new to larger prop planes.

Someone mentioned about giving hard rudder input not tipping the plane over.

The Kodiak will do that quite easily.