Ground Power Unit without Turning on Electrical Systems Please!

I wish we could request External Power for the Aircraft without turning on Power in the first place.
In reality you could even give hand signals to the ground staff to connect External Power or just give them a call with your mobile phone or just call Maintenance which would make sure Airport Staff is hooking up External Power to the Aircraft.

In perticular in the Airbus its common that you enter the Flight Deck and Press the EXT PWR button when the AVAIL light is lit before even turning on the Batteries.

Here in the sim you have to turn on and drain batteries only to request a GPU via the ATC Menu.
Would be nice if you could call Ground Services (External AC Power, Air Start Unit, Fuel, Maintenance to reset failures, catering etc.) with just a cold and dark Cockpit via ATC Menu which perhaps could be renamed from ATC Menu to Communication Menu, i dont care about the name.

Or perhaps even the ATC Menu for ATC related stuff and a Submenu within the same window called Ramp Agent, Operations Agent or just Mobile Phone which can be used without any Power turned on in the aircraft.


Well, I agree on that, but due to the fact that the ground handling is operated by radio, I don´t see any benefits to have such an option as seperate.
Just turn on the main batteries and maybe the radios and call for the GPU, this won´t take a long time, which would discharge the batteries that quickly in the meantime. :blush:

Maybe it will come with a third partie developer like GSX from FSDT as an option!?

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On big airports it can take a very long time until you get what you request :joy: so it means running the APU then.

Hm actually have to chack if there is an External Power connected before the flight in the Sim, not sure if it is. If yes then its ok :slightly_smiling_face: but if not i would find it a little unrealistic since it should usually be hooked up before each flight anyways without you as flight crew having to request for it in the first place.

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I know smaller airport, which have only one or two GPUs available (real life), so you are scrued anyway if there is too much traffic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: , so glad again that this is not the real live in that case.
I did only two flight here in FS2020 with the Airbus, but as far as I can rember EXT PWR is always available upon start (if I´m not wrong)

Yes, I see what you are looking for and I do understand it, but maybe thsi is something like I said privious , to be solved by any addon in the near future

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Two GPUs ain’t much :laughing:

Yeah i also see what you mean.

Its just that i don’t like to run several different Addons or Plugins and one Study Level Airliner when the fps is on the lower limit already when using the Default Airbus. :sweat_smile:

The more is build right into the sim from beginning, the less we have to mess with those Plugins and Addons etc. (X-Plane is great and all but was looking forward to finally get a Realistic All in One Simulator with MSFS). Anyways if its true what you say regarding GND PWR AVAIL than i got one issue less with the Sim :grinning:

Agreed. Requesting a GPU and other ground services should be totally separate from ATC communications, as it’s mostly unrealistic to do so over the radio. Means of communication are verbal here or as said before by hand signals. In most cases however the ground crew will (should) just plug in the cable once parked, so there is no communication needed at all. Same for the jetway and all that stuff. I wouldn’t mind if there was an option to connect all these things automatically.
When departing however you might want to choose when to disconnect everything, at least in the sim.

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Got u and indeed, it would make it easier

Hello hello!!
Yes animations like GSX Ground Services X please
Thank. :smirk:

Is the GPU only for airliners? I usually run out of battery on the CJ4 when setting up the FMS. The only recourse I have is to turn on the engines to get power since there is no APU on the CJ4.

Well I didn´t had the time to fly the CJ4, but if the situation is like you describe, there needs to be a change to be done within the aircraft.
The main batteries should least power all systems (always talking about FULL batteries) for 30 min. or more and still have the capability to start the engines witht the remaining power.

Is there a setting or config in one of the files that can extend the battery life when the engine is turned off?