Ground roll and touchdown effects


Whilst I think the camera g effects in the air a spot on, ground roll and touchdown affects are needed. I know add on developers will be keen to add this but in 2020 I thought it would be included by default.

Are there already any plans to add such effects?


In the last video the devs did, they did mention that they are working on implementing various effects (contrails, etc). So there is hope. No timeline was presented. Regards

How about giving us a little blue smoke when the “rubber meets the road”?

Todays Dev Update made it sound like it may soon be possible!

We are developing a brand new node-based particles effects system, which is an exciting addition to the simulator all-up.

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That could be cool. Might I suggest you make your post title descriptive of the feature you’re requesting though, it’s currently notsohelpful.