Ground rudder issues xbox

Hi, my daughter and i are new to MSFS, running on an Xbox series S with the xbox controller.

We are running into issues with ground rudder - after landing, the wee cessna we are learning is utterly unable to steer. Pressing the shoulder button in either direction will sometimes work, other times it steers in the wrong direction or adds a tiny amount and then reverts to centre.

Its spoiling our enjoyment as we never know if we’ll be able to properly complete our flights. The rudder functions great in the air however.

Any thoughts on this? Anyone else come across this issue?


The nose wheel steering function has a bug which prevents the Cessna from steering properly. Try checking your controller binds on that.

Also, depending on crosswind, the tail of the plane tends to ‘windvane’ in that direction, so steering might seem less effective.

Hi, thank you for your reply. May i ask what you mean by controller binds? We are totally new to both xbox and the sim so I’m not sure i understand.

We are playing with the weather totally clear so wind is at 2knts.


Check and make sure all assistance is turned off. You may be fighting with the copilot for control.

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Thanks , i think they are but ill go and double check

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