Ground services too quick/3rd party addon?

Hey all, the ground services seem to only be connected to the aircraft for like 20-30 seconds max. Baggage, airstairs, and catering (doesn’t apply to the jetway).

I’m not sure if Asobo has acknowledged this, so just wondering if there’s a fix someone could do, or if there are any 3rd party ground services add-ons inbound?


Same issue, I’ve been concerned about this for a long time, I don’t know why Asobo programmed it like that, especially the airstairs like huhh??, 20 seconds?? Hopefully not too long until GSX comes.

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What’s that?

I parked my WT CJ4 a a Gate.

Asked Ground Services for fuel.

ATC replied; “Fuel truck is on the road.”

The fuel truck never came. Even after several requests.

GSX Ground Services: FSDreamTeam - GSX Ground Services X for Microsoft Flight Simulator X FSX

Thanks! Are there any sources which confirm its coming to the FS2020?

GSX sounds great, especially the follow me car, I hate using the taxiway ribbon!

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Having said that I would rather the taxiway ribbons than nothing at all, like I just found out after a 3 hour flight to Moscow with the self loading cargo add on, no taxiway to guide me to the gate, so i could not find it and as such I could not let my passengers out!

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This is one addon for MSFS that I would really like to expand on what the base sim already did.

Yes, just the other day the developer chimed in on AVSIM that they are making solid progress, but they are taking their time to refine the textures and develop new ones to make it shine in MSFS.

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Yes and with the baggage service can it also show baggage coming off and not just being loaded, unless I am missing something.