Remove the "auto finish" for ground services (baggage, catering, passenger stairs, etc.)


Please remove the “auto finish” for ground services such as baggage, catering, passenger ramps. The player should press a button to end the service.

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Done still broken
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Boarding ramp disconnects after about 10 seconds. Please make it like a gate with a connect and disconnect request.
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Connect stairs, stairs connect and then disconnect
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Does anyone else find that the air stairs or ramp as it’s called in ground services only connects to the aircraft for about 30 seconds? Anyone know why?


while those 30 sec are questionable, i wonder why in ATC it still reads to end that service which has been ended automatically …


I’m loving MSFS so far, however I have some concerns with Ground Services.
The Airbridge is the only service that actually connects and stays connected until the pilot is ready to pushback.
The air stairs/ramp connection seems to disengage after about 20 seconds of connecting. This naturally causes havoc with my Self Loading Cargo mod. Would be great if the ramp connection could do exactly what the jetbridge does, and wait the the PIC to action the airstairs to disconnect.

The other ground services seem to complete their loading very quickly, such as Baggage and Catering.

I know everyone (myself included) is waiting for GSX to solve these issues with their addon, but I believe its a core feature- if you’re going to have ground services, have them work a little more robustly.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah, they’re as quick as real airports, aren’t they? :sunglasses:

And the baggage service always loads bagagge in, never out of the plane. And the fuel truck shoots fuel into your tanks in seconds. It seems the same with the stairs. I think they’re just throwing the pax into the plane. Especially weird is the ext. power supply, which just goes to lunch break after several minutes.


Agreed. Please fix the airstairs.

Same here, the stairs disconnects after a few second.

Me have the same problem with every vehicle except power and jetway

Me too, fix the ground services

The RAMP Service is finished after 20 Seconds. So the time its connected to the Aircraft is way too short.
It should stay as long as the pilot wants too until he asked the Ground Service to disconnect ist

when it connects automatically it stay connected, if u ask for it via ATC it will disconnect after a too short period of time …

AGREE - Ground Services should NOT be accessed via ATC / radio menu. Add a “GROUND SERVICES” menu to the toolbar. Each of the services can be listed with a toggle button beside it. The pushback option should have 4 options (pushback straight, left, right, stop) . This menu should be accessible even when the aircraft is powered off.
If, for whatever reason, one of the ground services is NOT available at a particular airport, that specific option can be greyed out in the list.


How connect automatically without ask to ground on ATC?


Just wondering if there is any possible way so that the vehicles around the airplane stay a few more minutes connected before they completely leave the airplane.


I’ve noticed that ground crew do not do there jobs for too long. I have a fix that I have been thinking about, what if you could select how long you would like the ground services to do there job for. If you were in a hurry, you could select a short amount of time. If you want a realistic experience, you could select a longer amount of time. This would apply to only fuel, catering, and baggage.

Let me add this is not a third party mod I am just simply requesting this feature to be added later on.

Anyone have an answer to this? Or is it a bug in the system?

I’m pretty sure it’s a bug, I have this issue too

i also have this problem

One thing that I noted is - ground services are only available at certain gates and partially available at others (just jetway connection or catering truck). At the gates they aren’t available this is what I see

  1. Jetway doesn’t connect with the aircraft
  2. No baggage service
  3. No catering service
  4. No pushback tug
    Does it also limit the AI density at the airport in any way?
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