Remove the "auto finish" for ground services (baggage, catering, passenger stairs, etc.)

Good point. Or maybe jetways, catering etc connexion time should be unlimited because anyway in atc we got the « disconnection » option


If a dev (or community manager with access to a dev) sees this topic, could someone please tell us where to find the value that controls this or how to override it? I’m not a great programmer but I know enough to make a simple mod that changes the value to something else.

I agree with you.

Yes, I think in the rush to get the sim out of the door last year, someone forgot that the stairs shouldn’t behave the same as the catering or luggage services.

Many people would like the services to stick around for longer than they do, but I imagine once the Xbox users come along, what is there now will suit them nicely… With the exception of the stairs, which should have the same behaviour as a jet bridge.

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My guess is that they are waiting for FSDream Team GSX to figure it out since they only concentrate on visuals!!!

Why the hell is this even a thing? Can’t they let us enjoy full sim experience and not this arcade 30 second thing?

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This needs to be fixed soon, it’s been a very long time and ground crew still takes 30 seconds.

This has been really annoying. Who thought that this was a good idea?

Have a look at Toolbar Pushback. Version 1.2.0 introduced a new feature:

Stairs will stay for as long as you want and don’t drive away automatically (experimental).

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If these services could be handled the same as with the jetway it would be a great step!

Please, Please, Please Asobo can you adjust the length of time that the Air stairs stay at your aircraft, my passengers are complaining they cant all get on board in 20 secs and it steers me away from the smaller airports with no gates, even better would be to allow the user to remove stairs whenever they like, like the gates do. :pray: :pray: :pray:

I agree, I don’t know why the did that, but if you use the stairs through this add on, it stays forever Toolbar Pushback » Microsoft Flight Simulator

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It would be cool if they would be always available as well and not dependent on the parking type or whatever causing them to appear or not to appear. I often fly from small airport without jetways and if I call the air stairs nothing happens. More user control of all of the service vehicles would be awesome.


thanks for the heads up dude was using the older version, now the stairs stay there :+1: your a Legend Sir.

yes I noticed that at Innsbruck and a few others, call stairs and nothing happens, even tried slewing around to see if it was a positioning bug but still didnt want to work. its like the sim doesnt recognize your at a gate or ramp parking.