Ground texture - Low resolution - Internet incorrect Bandwidth

it seems to me that in some areas of the world the game uses generic textures

this for example is in Indonesia, flying from Bangka to Palembang

Yep, seems float value type, I tried with cheat engine, could find address easy but seems changing value doesnt work, it always return to the original value, I will try wit this Cosmos, never used before. Thank you.

Make sure you got the correct value. I get about 20 different results but only the one is the right one.

@SurlierMovie919 Can you expand more on the memory range you’re editing? There is likely something unique before/after this value, which means we can find it easily :slight_smile:

am not sure but I think this sim need more Vram my Vram is full after 10-15min (1070Ti 8GB), the new GPUs with high Vram (rumored 3070 with 16GB Vram) will work great, also it uses 24-27GB of system RAM
sometimes the sim CTD when the Vram is full or when it is using ~20GB or more of system RAM and sometimes it just freezes for a full 10-15sec then continues

Thanks for your small tutorial - I looked around a bit and it seems that with CheatEngine I can reliably find the point by searching for (with Terrain level of detail set to 100) 00 00 80 3F 04 00 00 00 00 06 00 00 00 40 1C 46 CD CC CC 3D CD CC CC 3D CD CC CC 3D CD CC CC 3D 0A D7 A3 3C 01 With the first 4 bytes (00 00 80 3F)

Looking at it a bit more, it seems CheatEngine is able to save the table to a file (.CT) and the address that I need to change seems to also remain the same for the value (Maybe different on different computers? for me: 4000026015C) . If you don’t have the same address, perhaps try finding one of the 5 first values you can find with scanning for increased value/decreased value when changing the MSFS settings. If you ran enough searched, it seems you should have ~10 values; I had 11.

After rebooting PC and also reloading the saved CheatEngine Table (CT) as suggested by CheatEngine, it looks like this:

Now I can just press enter on the highlighted row to change the value. It seems I have to go up to 10 to get the best satellite imagery when zoomed in. Maybe it just didn’t load fast enough after setting it to 6.

EDIT: Remember you can also achieve the same (without the possibility of changing this setting on the fly) by editing the UserOpt.cfg. You can find it in the file which holds all the graphics settings: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\UserOpt.Cfg

This file will get overwritten by the game at least when you change settings, so be sure to change it all back.


Yea, I have no idea but I have a feeling it is not issue of your connection or something.

I load a flight in Alaska and many spots looks like this, even from a low altitude it seeems pretty wrong. Then I quickly load some other part of USA and suddenly all good.

I think there are still some issues regarding the whole thing on their end

Yes, its the same :slight_smile:

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May i ask you guys which slider inside the settings defines the LOD ?

Terrain level of detail


That’s not how it works though. An application can allocate whatever amount of VRAM but it doesn’t mean it’s using it all. The VRAM useage is most likely a good chunk lower than that.

According to MSI Afterburner for example when I hit 10,5GB ceiling in x-plane, it started to insanelly stutter when I panned the view.

Here in MSFS I hit max VRAM more easily but I dont get the stutter :slightly_smiling_face:

I have the same issue. I have 100mbps up and down. I set bandwidth to unlimited, but while flying the game hardly downloads any data and when it does, the bandwidth rarely goes beyond 5mbps, maybe 9mbps for a second. What results is very low quality ground textures, building models, etc.

My location: South Asia
Server: South-East Asia - 33ms ping avg

Your PC cant handle full MSFS power . Microsoft will add every year +200 to the LOD modifier :smiley:

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Though they should increase the autogen draw-distance too… Do you know any solution for that?


I have the same problem. If it is not fixed within reasonable time I will have a refund of this game. Starting to get very irritating.


It’s not GeForce that is causing the issue (for most of us). I can confirm all my in-game settings are on Ultra as well and still getting terrible LOD and sometimes abysmal quality.

Has there been any official word on this?

Nope. Nothing.

This is concerning. All we can do is tweet to their Twitter account and help account.