Ground textures are just plain ugly now

Earlier when VFR i could see my own house and ground textures were superb and sharp, now they are all blurred and low resolution , it just sucks. I bought premium and i regret. Could You dear Devs get our land textures back. I have very good internet connection plus all on ultra and good gaming rig, so its not the case. Like i said earlier it was pleasure to flight, right now its pain to watch surroundings. Plus all buildings in bigger USA/Europe cities looking like boulder rocks or post apocalypse ruins. WTF!


I don’t recognize that, I just flew over Frankfurt, every house is there, larger buildings look sharp as wel…


But ground textures are like zoom level 10 earlier they were sharp and great. Did you see New York or San Francisco?

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Ground textures are completely fine, and unchanged. They are blurry, because satellite images from Bing are blurry. They’re not very high resolution, and never have been.

Photogrammetry always looked like boulder rocks when viewed up close, so nothing has changed there either.

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I just flew over San Francisco:

(ultra settings)


I have noticed by increasing the Render scale the Ground textures also get better at higher altitudes and zoomed out but the downside is Render scale it self , as it greatly reduces fps , changing resolution of the whole sim sadly , it would’ve been great if Render scale was seperate for Ground textures , aircraft , clouds etc…

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Render scaling does not do anything to textures. Render scaling is supersampling, or rendering the scene at a higher resolution than what your monitor is currently running at, and then downscaling that image to your native resolution. It is basically a very expensive form of anti-aliasing.


If you want “render scaling” for textures, there is an option for that called texture supersampling.


For those uploading photos of Frankfurt and San Francisco, those big cities have aerophotogrametry, so they are really good. But what about the others parts of the world? The rest of Germany looks awfull, only grey houses, actually blocks of gray, very ugly and very boring. My home town, Rio de Janeiro, is so ugly that I refuse to fly with this simulator.

I really doubt that an AI are used for the Auto Gen…sorry, but at least at this time, it is too much hype for this simulator, unless you fly in Japan or American or European big cities.


World Updates are for something at least

Is there any way I can fix my photogrammetry. My buildings/houses/roads look melted

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So you believe some poor soul had to sit there, and place the buildings by hand? You do see different building types, depending on which part of the world you are in. You can call it AI, or some other name, but there are clearly rules being followed that govern how the auto gen works.

there is a work around somewhere on this forum, perhaps search for teredo settings. Not sure if it helped others but those changes definitely increased my quality when flying over PG areas.

Check nvidia experience settings. Mine defaulted to optimal and set fs2020 to low settings.


But this is done since FS9 or so! I use flight simulators since FS2002, you don’t need to tell me what is a auto gen!

Don’t believe me, just make a flight in Bonn, Germany, using MSFS. It is all grey!!!
Houses are blocks of grey!!!

Yes buildings at my sim looks melted too.

I see it! It’s in optimal with everything on low. How can I disable that?

I’m not disputing it’s happening, I’m doubting your explanation as to the reason why.

Go to NE and click on revert button. Then I would check to make sure that the box labeled use optimal settings for new programs is unchecked. Otherwise it will happen every time fs2020 updates.

Not sure but I’m thinking that nvidia’s latest driver update automatically turned on the “optimize new programs” box in NE. I’m thinking if it’s not unchecked then it will continue to optimize msfs settings to low with every update. Even people with the new rtx 30 series are saying it’s doing this to them.