Ground textures at Santa Fe New Mexico

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Ground color at Santa Fe City is brown, surrounding areas are green.

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Does Santa Fe have photogrammetry? This looks like every other photogrammetry city with more or less realistic colors and their surrounding non-PG areas which are usually overly green.

Also keep in mind that different aerial photo textures may be taken at different times of year, etc, and may have different colors due to changes in vegetation due to weather.

Not only in this region but in many others. Could there be a way for artificial intelligence to make colors less discrepant from one place to another?


I hope Asobo can find a way to blend PG areas better with surrounding terrain. Another example of this is Chicago…try flying around KMDW…it looks awful…

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I mean if they just didn’t tint everything in the autogen textures emerald green like a leprechaun’s suit, that’d be a start. :wink:

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The earth is actually colored with overlays of bright magenta and neon green. Right?? :rofl:

I see discrepancies of colors separated by a straight lines but is my first time i see a clear perimeter. Does not like as photogrametry.

I wish I could see a leprechaun.

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