Ground textures loading in squares

Hmmm. I noticed it the first tiime in MSFS. My LOD is set to 200. Today I flew on the south of Germany & near Innsbruck and noticed this, like double kind of textures, 1 level and next was loading is squares (flight from Stramberger See to LOWI).

To make matters worse, those squares followed me, which looked terrible.

Example. It’s as if there are two different types of ground textures in this area.

What is strange, I checked GB now and … was ok. Looks like a bug in MSFS in this part of the world?

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Hi, I have the exact same problem. Noticed it today while flying near Lienz (not that far from LOWI).
I have a 4070 Ti with the latest NVidia drivers.


Yes, is not your PC bug. I checked few tricks and it was always present. The issue is present here and near surrounding area. It is enough to fly a little further and the problem disappears. Looks like they use 2 kind of textures here and 2 resolution of mesh maybe near mountains. Strange. It should be an official bug.