Groundtextures suddenly Blurry/Blocky

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since a few days i noticed that groundtextures are getting all blurry and blocky even at low altitutes.
my first thought was that it was in issue with anisotropic filtering which after testing wasnt the case. i normaly have my terrain lod set to 150 which was more than enough for me. but i changed that aswell to test if thats the issue. the result was a yes and no. when i set the terrain lod higher to 200, then 250 then 300, i could everytime set the camera a few feet higher but in the end the groundtexture got all blurry again. not even close to how crisp it looked at 150 all the time. so my thought was that the higher LOD will simply keep the high detailed groundtexture for a little longer but the next step/s to a lower resolution imagery as you move the camera higher is being skipped. not an expert though, so no idea if thats plausible. so far i´ve resetted terrain cache, shader cache, nvidia control settings, ingame settings, nothing helps. everything else looks great as ever but i just cant get these blurred out ground textures away. whats also strange is, that trees still seem to be displayed sharp as usual, which makes the whole blurryness even more noticable.

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runway blocky

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get in drone cam, aim down and go higher. at a specific point you can literally see blocks of textures appear

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CPU: Ryzen 5800X, RTX4070Ti, 32GB 3600Mhz Cl16 DDR4 RAM, Sim installed on a 1 TB M.2 SSD

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is it switching from online to offline mode?

negative. its always online

It shouldn’t be doing that especially with a 4070ti
Nice pc tho

like i said it was fine a few days ago. i havent changed anything settingwise. maybe i try to reroll to the previous nvidia driver but i doubt thats the issue.

im not an expert but have you tried de installing it and re installing it?
also its most likely not the driver or anything with your pc but with the game it’s self

could be, but i intend to maybe find another solution first, as reinstalling the sim can take a whole day with that slow downloadserver speed :sweat_smile:


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my apologies. wilco

here is another screenshot of the issue. first picture, everything is fine and sharp just until the point where it all gets a blurry mess and not all buildings on the ground even get rendered anymore at a rather low altitude.

rolling back driver from 528.49 to 528.24 didnt changed anything. im out of clues :thinking:

Did by chance your Anisotropic filtering get turned down/off? I know that has an impact on similar issues that you are seeing.

that was also my first thought. but its still set to 16x and you can see that its working because if you look down the runway the markings are all neat and sharp when sitting on the ground.

Fixed the issue by turnig off IPv6