Group Flight & Podcast Ep 12 - Guardians of the Columbia Trip 5 Mts. [CYXX Abbotsford to KKLS Southwest Wahsington]

Join us on our adventure through the skies as Far Isle Pilot and Flying Cookie discuss varied topics, such as the Microsoft Flight Simulator, its updates, intricacies and mysteries. Add a layer of technology and aviation enthusiasm to have an enjoyable group flight over scenic destinations.
Join us each Thursday at 2300UTC (7PM eastern daylight time) on the official discord in the Events voice channel.

This week, we are visiting the Guardians of the Columbia of Washington State [CYXX - KKLS]
Visiting: Mt Baker, Rainier, Adams, St Helens and Hood
Download the flight plan:

Multiplayer Info:
US East Region Server
All Players
Traffic - At your discretion
Weather - Few Clouds Mid Afternoon
Join us in a Cessna Caravan 208 or similar aircraft

We will also stream the flight on twitch at
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Yeah!!! The van! I probably have 50 hours in that already lol.

I and another new member couldn’t find you guys chatting in discord. Did you all use twitch chat? Does twitch have voice chat? idk

We were in the discord event voice chat section

What? There are only four servers. I and a new guy were in #1. I didn’t see anyone in 2, 3, or 4.

So I don’t know what I missed.

It was frustrating to see your group but not be in chat. You didn’t notice us in another room? In the group MSFS Flight Group