Group flying podcast

Hey guys, I’m new here and to the sim itself only started 2 weeks ago but loving every moment, im on pc.
What I’d like to know is I started listening to a podcast on Spotify that ran about 20 episodes or so from about July last year to January this year.
In the podcast they did group flying and explored different parts of the world.
I’m pretty sure the main guy was a mod on here or definitely a member, called cookie or something like that.

I’m just wondering do these group flying sessions still happen?


Let me know if you have any success at finding info , i’d be interested …
I think you’re in the right place for that sort of thing, but it seems like mostly kids here just want to share cockpits and fly autopilots.

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Hi - FlyCookie6508 - he is the mod and the man - He and I host Adventure Through The Skies, every Thursday Night, 7PM EST/EDT. We just had our 50th episode last week and will be continuing our ‘plan’ from last week. Just check out the Event Calendar in Community Events this week to get all the info - join us for the flight or just listen/watch along, on Twitch :slight_smile:

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Hey @Alex862797 & @LandOnGrass !
Believe Im the cookie you’re looking for :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I’ve sadly been too busy and editing these podcasts ended up taking more time than I had.

So me and my co-host @FarIslePilot have modified the format a bit to time our talks down a bit to a more reasonable 2-2.5hrs every thursday through twitch and discord. I stream on Twitch for those unable to fly or who just want to listen and interact from time to time on text chat, and on discord to exchange with other people and let the community participate. I usually post (like many) on the Forum event calendar and on the discord (community fly-in channel in the announcement section) to let people know of the next episode and the flight plan.

I may publish and post past episodes on Spotify & other platforms in the future, as I have everything recorded and is also available on replay on Twitch, but uncertain for now.

Appreciate the interest you have in our work :slight_smile:

Here are a few links:

MSFS Official Discord
Twitch channel
Forum Event Calendar

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Thanks a million guys, it’s great its still going on, the last one I was listening too was one where you flew around the Scottish Isles and then on to Ben Nevis. Really enjoyed listening and gave me inspiration for places to explore myself and got me wanting to do some group flying.
Unfortunately the time that you guys do it I’ll be in bed, I’m in Ireland so I’d say your 7pm would be about my 1 or 2am.

Great to know it still goes on and hopefully at sometime maybe I’ll get to participate but I’m not a night owl so I probably won’t make it till that time :joy:

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Occasionally we have a spontaneous weekend flight, where we just jump on, start streaming on Twitch, and just explore and chat, nothing really planned and anything could come up in discussion. If folks want to jump on and join us all the better. We will try to signal when we have time and will be doing one of these off-the-cuff flights, generally also mid-dayish, so the times will be more palatable for more folks to join in/and or listen.

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Ive an epic trip Ive recently flown and think you and the community would love it. Im just sorting it out and preparing it. I’ll dm you with the flight plans when I have it ready, its very beautiful scenery and some really good fun I think all would enjoy half way through the trip :slight_smile:

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I’d be well up for this, sounds llike great fun!

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