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really need some help. I entered a group last night and everything was fine. I loaded up flight sim today to do a flight and I can’t change the flight options, it’s greyed out. For some reason it still has me in the group I was in last night. I can’t leave the group, I have no option to leave. I can’t change any flight options so I’m stuck with whatever the options were set last night.

I’ve tried signing out of my profile and signing in and it still puts me in the group. I’m lost as I’ve got no idea to fix this and it’s left me feeling very frustrated.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do? I’ve raised a zendesk ticket to highlight the issue but was hoping someone maybe able to help.

Any help would be appreciated

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Looks like almost everything is broken after this crazy update. My MS sometimes run and sometimes CTDs… Waiting for a hotfix…

Yeah tell me about it.

I actually think this bug breaks the game, to not be able to change my options or leave a group is ridiculous

Please see this thread:

Hi Tamalien,

My issue is that I can’t even get that far, I can’t click on flight conditions which has those settings in. I’ve already read that thread, but as I’ve said I can’t even get to that screen.

It’s Basically showing that I’m in a group when I’m not. What would fix this is either an option to leave a group or when you close the game down it closes the group session.

This is on Xbox by the way, but I’ve also logged into my pc after applying the latest update and it’s the same, it thinks I’m in a group and won’t allow me to access the flight conditions screen.

I’m having exactly the same problem. Time of day and weather greyed out because the game is recognising me as being in a group but i can’t click on it. Reinstalled, logged out, hard reset game, hard reset xbox and still absolutely nothing. Even after the update, i’m still recorded as being in the group. Driving me crazy.

This really is a dumpster fire of an update

I don’t think it’s anything to do with the update. I’m searching the forums and reddit and this seems to be long running, people mentioning this from last year. However, the same people mentioning it, didn’t get a response but all of a sudden they then start talking about multiplayer games they’re having with other people. That suggests there’s a fix for this but i’ve searched far and wide online and i’m yet to find it.

You need to try and join another multiplayer game and then it fixes it.

Have a read here. I didn’t do it this way but I got someone to invite me and then I could leave the party

I had a friend re-invite me to a Group as suggested in point 1. I click the accept button, when I do a “you left the group” message appears but I’m in a Group and able to fly with my friend. However, when I click the Leave Group icon it does nothing I assume because it thinks I left the Group when I clicked accept??

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