Grumman Goose Caribbean Hops

Join us for a few hops around the Caribbean in the Grumman Goose
Friday December 16h @ 9pm EST
All welcome, casual flight.
Flight lead: Lazerbolt

Hey guys! Let’s splash around some puddles this Friday as we take a fun little Goose flight!

Here’s Fridays Flight Plan:

Terre-De-Bas Airport Departure (TFTE)
point of interest- Fort Napoleon De-Bas Saintes
Water Landing- Chemin de Grande Anse (15° 57’ 44.39" N 61° 39’ 22.60" W)
Water Landing- Sainte-Marie (16° 6’ 25.96" N 61° 33’ 43.41" W)

Le Raizet (TFFR)

A handy flight plan .pln file can be found here:!AsFIlxhwmWg9h3Im…P_fdR?e=Cv7emQ

Join us Friday as we enjoy the awesome vintageness of these beautiful birds!

Happy landings,