Grumman Goose: Gran Canaria Points Of Interest

Join us to explore some points of interest around the beautiful Gran Canaria islands.
Friday December 23rd @ 9pm EST on USA West server.
All welcome, casual flight.
Flight lead: Lazerbolt

Hey guys! Let’s check out points of interest around the beautiful Gran Canaria islands this Friday as we take a fun little Goose flight!
This may be the most beautifully scenic flight we’ve ever done. Some truly stunning locations.

Here’s Fridays Flight Plan:

La Palma Departure (GCLA)
Way Point- Climb to 8000
POI- Observatorio Roue de los Muchachos
Water Landing (28° 12’ 15.10" N 17° 14’ 53.27" W)
POI- Magma Arte & Congresos
Water Landing (28° 22’ 47.15" N 16° 46’ 2.73" W)
Way Point climb 5000
POI- Tenerife International Center
POI- Concert Hall Tenerife
Los Rodeos (GCXO)

A handy flight plan .pln file can be found here:!AsFIlxhwmWg9h3Pq…BAAEj?e=56prSa

Join us Friday as we enjoy the awesome vintageness of these beautiful birds!

Happy landings,