Grumman S2 Tracker - fire suppression demo

This would be a fun challenge for some future iteration of MSFS


Just a request folks. Please keep in your thoughts, prayers, or just good energy, the people in BC who have lost everything in fires the last few days. Heat in the province has broken records, in one case almost a whole village has burned to the ground. (Lytton, BC). Fires are threatening other towns too. You can even see the fire bombers on FlightRadar.

Ps… I think the implementation of fire bombing operations would be a fine tribute to the pilots who operate this courageous mission in real life.


Should of made it a votable topic, I would like to see a fire fighter scenario in this game as well, every year Calif. burns and it would be one of those tasks that would give people ‘Something to Do’. Could you imagine multi player firefighting … that would be quite interesting.

But hell I would like to see crop dusting, and so many other things added to this game.


A CL-215 would be awesome :slight_smile:

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Search and Rescue mode would be cool too all that pretty scenery to search and nothing down there lol maybe when they ‘official release’ rotor craft they’ll add a challenge or mode…

The entire western half of our continent is facing this deepening crisis - year over year matters are worse. This is a defining moment for humanity.
Inspiring young people to join the fight in any capacity is a critical piece.


You Can do search and rescue already with NeoFly. My first SAR flight was to find a bus that had gone off the road into trees. And on my first mission to drop a doctor at an accident scene, I landed beside an overturned helicopter, complete with fire truck, ambulance, and personnel on the scene. An excellent addon.

The effect would be easy. Back in the FS9 days, someone took the stock airshow smoke effect and gave it a few modifications. First was to add weight so that it would fall to the ground. Then it was recolored red and given a nearly indefinite lifespan. The result was a red suppression slurry that you could drop once, then come around, line up next to the previous drop, and lay down another pass.

There was actually a built in crop dusting feature of the sim long before that lol were talking CGA / EGA days …

At my request, XML guru Rob Barendregt wrote an invisible gauge for me that activated the smoke system when two conditions were met - brakes on, and plane not on ground. This meant that on the ground, my stick’s trigger worked the brakes, and in the air, it activated the smoke system. I used it on several planes, including a couple of Air Tractors from Brian Gladden. I doubt something like that could be adapted for the new sim though…

I thought the smoke/spray concept was already utilized in that crop duster that became available for MSFS about a month ago.

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Here is a Wishlist topic for that:

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There is a Wishlist topic for this. See my post, just above this one.

Here you go:

One more:

Thoughts are with you and your countrymen mate……from an Aussie living on the South Coast of NSW.
Your right, it would show respect for those brave souls risking their lives….and regretfully, some of them losing theirs.
Stay safe


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