GSX pro and AIG

Is there any chance MSFS could get an update that alows both GSX and AIG to run smoothly together without one or the other overclocking the simconnect. It seems many people on both the AIG and GSX forms have reported issues running the two applications at the same time. Either one works when the other doesn’t at almost any Int airport. Regional and smaller airports obviously don’t have as much to load into the sim so they don’t tend to have these issues :wink:

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providing a bit more context to this possible issue:

It seems - not fully verified yet - that the Sim has some internal hard coded SImObject limits or some unknown issue preventing the display of to many SimObjects at the same time. Based on the internal DevMode it is clear that the SimObjects are loaded within the Sim, they are just invisible.

Was the SImObjects limit acknowledged as an issue? Is it being discussed somewhere else?

Is this being looked into at all? How do we elevate this? It’s an absolutely game-crushing issue at large airports.