GSX Pro Community Question - Double Click?

Hello !

Just wanted to ask the community about this.

Do we always have to click twice on the GSX Pro Toolbar button or that’s just me ? Quite annoying whenever I want an action from GSX, it requires me to try opening the menu twice. Anyone know if there is a fix for that ?

Thanks !


Quite a few things that GSX should do (or not)…

Oh yeah, that I know…

But for now my main GSX annoyance is to click twice on it every time I want to open up the menu.

CTRL-SHIFT-F12 is the default GSX Menu hotkey. I have it mapped to a button on my controller.

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That’s a great tip ! Do you have to press the hotkey twice ?

No. Press it once and the menu appears. The menu will time out after about 20 seconds but if you want to remove it before then you can press the hotkey again. So, basically, it’s a toggle for the menu.

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Thanks @MikeB54331 !

You still need to activate GSX in the toolbar once right after you enter the flight.

Problem is not only the toolbar I’m afraid, if you only click once it’ll stay they invisible interfering with the mouse commands …

I have never experienced that issue. I start GSX from the toolbar once then bring up the menu when I want it using the hotkey sequence. Mouse interaction still works whether the menu is displayed or not.

The first time you have to click once. Then it‘s open but hidden (you may notice your mouse cursor become a resize cursor if you hit the invisible window) and you will close it completely before you open it again. Bad design.

It’s all explained in the manual. The answer is no.

Alright thank you !

I’ve been through the manual, but can’t remember everything - I thought it was some sort of a never solved bug.

I hate it… I have to do it every time…so annoying

It is so annoying right !

I’m always trying optimize a lower my ‘‘clicks’’ count before or during a flight, because I fly a lot, and I try to be efficient, but realistic too, but to save unnecessary delays, or annoyance during a pre-flight or turnaround. Anyhow, having to click GSX annoys me, I’d like it to open right away like all the other utilities.

Someone has to have a fix…because clearly it’s an issue with having ro double tap the gsx icon within the flow panel.

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100% it makes no sense at all to have to click twice on the icon, since that long.

As said, the technical and perfectly reasonable reason for the double click is explained in the manual. Hence the hot key so you don’t have to double click.