GTX 1070 vs. RTX 2060

With the scarcity of cards now I might have a chance to try an RTX 2060. I’m currently running a GTX 1070. Would there be any benefit there of going to the RTX 2060?

I recall the xx70+ models were usually the ones recommended for VR.

While it’s not perfect, I like looking at the Tech Powerup website and their GPU database. If you select a card, say your 1070 and scroll down, they will have a relative performance comparison to every other card in a long list. It at least gives you some perspective.

It says the 2060 is about 15% ahead of the 1070. Or, equivalent to a 1080.

Yeah, it doesn’t seem like it would be a huge difference. But I was reading about a new feature on OpenXR for 20+ series cards.

It’s hard to tell with the benchmark comparisons since resolution and VR can have a big impact.

There is nothing xx70 or above with stock at reasonable price.

I’m running MSFS in VR with the RTX 2070. It works fine on the reverb G2, though it take sa litle balancing out with the OpenXR tools. It works fine with te Quest 2 over AirLink as well. For flat gaming it’s excellent!

So I figure you should be able to get a long way with the 2060, though performance will be a little less. If you make enough compromises in the graphics settings and render resolution you should get a smooth experience.

I’m actually mostly happy with the 1070 and Quest 2 setup. I found I prefer sacrificing a few FPS for quality, so most of my settings are up kind of high. I get 20 fps at altitude and 15 on the ground.

It’s not as bad as it sounds, but if I were used to 40+ FPS I’d probably not be happy at 20. I think Virtual Desktop or Steam VR must be working some magic.

If I tweak for higher refreshes, I’ll gain 2 or 3 frames but with degredated cockpit clarity.

If you have a 1070 it‘s at least likely that you also have a mainboard that cannot use the full capability of a 20** card. Check that.

A 20** card will be able to use DLSS, a 10** not.

Thanks regarding your DLSS reference. Think it’s the same for my 1660ti so looking at the 3060ti as that’s within a price range I’m happily paying. Just need to understand if it’s worth it for what you get with DLSS!

If you are referring to PCI-e 3.0 vs. 4.0, even 30xx series cards cannot saturate a PCI-e 3.0 bus yet.

Little to no benefit. The 2060 is literally a 1070ti with less vram and the 2060 is not really ideal for VR due to its vram and the game is not yet DLSS supported so no one knows how much of a boost that will be.

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Ray tracing and DLSS capability are the big differences but there is no indication if/when those are going to be implemented in MSFS.

Neglible benefit in this upgrade.

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I’ve been running an RTX 2060 OC the whole time. It’s fine. Great card with excellent bang for buck.
I run on a custom mix starting at high and bumping a few settings up to Ultra (clouds etc).

MSFS has also been improving in performance over the last few updates, so it’s been getting incremental performance gains from that too.