[GUIDE] 3ds Max, LODs, Colliders and how to do it

Hi everyone,
After a few days of trying to figure out how to use the 3ds max plugin that comes with the SDK, I’ve put together a short tutorial to show how to do it. It covers implementing the LOD’s, adding collision objects and the Babylon Exporter as well as other things.


Have you tried compiling a custom jetway? That would be a good video.

Hi Mate,
No I’ve not dare to look at those just yet. I’ve a payware project on the go at the moment that’s made with Blender models and needs reliable collision detection, which is where the invisible collidable box made in 3ds max came from.
There’s also an air-stairs example, and I desperately need a functional version of those for a regional airport I’ve done that has gates, but no jetway. Probably do that one first.