[GUIDE] A Complete Written Tutorial for MSFS Scenery Creation with the SDK

This is the download that I wish had existed when I first started making scenery mods for MSFS.

It’s a bunch of written guides with example files about every aspect of scenery creation for MSFS.

Included is -

A written guide that covers every aspect of the SDK, or every aspect I use, including project set up, a description of all the tools, what they do and how to use them.

Four versions of the project files for an airport mod. In this case it’s KPVC Provincetown. You get the first empty folder set up, a built example ready to start work on, a built example with a 3d model imported and finally a near complete version that only needs a small amount of refining to complete.

A written guide with example models on how to import 3d models into the sim.

A written guide with example textures on how to import your own custom ground textures into the sim.

The project files for a heliport with a few 3d models and several different runways in various states of disaster.

The project files for a water airport.

The project files for an airport lighting only project. This is KMEM Memphis.

I have no way of judging how comprehensible this is to a total newcomer, but I tried to make it as clear as possible. With a few readthroughs hopefully this should get you creating too.

This is horrible word but I guess it needs to be in here for search results - tutorial.


This is awesome. Thank You!

great tutorial thank you

Is there an update for the newest version of SDK? It seems to be different in many respects… can’t update on the fly, getting some messages that weren’t there before, not saving properly… not loading the scenery edit menus etc.


I’ll try to do that in the next week or two.

Their tweaks to project creation appear to be even more useless than before.

Some people are having problems I haven’t encountered so I may not have the answers some are looking for.


Have you had a chance to look into this after all? :slight_smile:

I think they should have simplified it all, not saving 1000 files “shape” “BGL” whatever… even Xplane does this better despite the rest of the tool in MSFS being really good-ish.