[GUIDE] Cessna Citation CJ4 Autopilot

With the very generous help provided by Thecorporatepilotdad, I created this one-page document for people new to the CJ4; like I am.

If anyone notices some errors in this document please send me a private message and I will update it for now and in the future. I will do my best to modify this if the CJ4 AP has had any changes made to it. If anyone would like to get a copy of this document, to create the other MSFS planes Autopilot documents, they can view/copy it here: View CJ4 Autopilot - Google Docs

I hope this helps new people to the CJ4 and other planes in the sim too!

^Updated: 01/21/2021


Thank you for that. I didn’t realise the speed was linked to FLC and was a bit frustrated by it. Now I understand I will go back and enjoy it.