[GUIDE] How to install the SDK and start creating a basic airport

I struggled quite a bit trying to get started with the SDK so decided to make some video guides to consolidate the bits of knowledge I found scattered across the internet. Hopefully these are helpful for other people who are having trouble with the SDK.

Tutorial 1: How to install the SDK and get started

Tutorial 2: How to set up a project and start creating an airport

I plan to create more tutorials covering all aspects of airport creation, and I’ll be adding those to the tutorial playlist. If there’s anything you would like to see in a future tutorial let me know!


Very helpful! Thank you very much. Can you place buildings and objects?

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Happy you found it useful. My plan is to start out with the basics of airport creation and work my way up to things like scenery and the other little details so stay tuned for that!

I’d dearly love to learn how to use both Substance Painter and Blender to texture my 3d models as well. I’m either too stupid to figure this out on my own, or simply blind to an obvious solution.

Is there a way to modify a default airport and Save As: DefaultAirportModification or use a default airport as a template? Default airports have all the work done and are generally acceptable but need just a few tweaks. For example, the GA parking is in the wrong place.

I don’t think it’s possible to edit the default airports. The best you can do is create a new project like I show and then only disable part of the original airport in the “To delete” properties on the airport object.


Is it possible to create a new ICAO code or a private airfield (no ICAO code ?) ?


Yes, you can even make a closed airfield so it won’t be shown on the VFR map. You can change the I SO Code or make new airport in the middle of nowhere.

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Ok thanks, first time I tested it didn’t work, I just tried again, it works.

I think I did something wrong the first time.


Hey thanks for doing these tutorials. I started a project for KBZN but want to start over, this is the folder structure I created, This PC/Documents/FS2020 projects/BozemanAirport/PackageSources/data . Can I delete one of these folder or folders that have been made within? Or do you do that from within the sim, Thanks.

If you’re wanting to fully start over and get rid of your previous project then you could delete everything inside BozemanAirport and create a new project following the tutorial.

This will completely delete your previous project, but I think that’s what you’re wanting to do?

Thanks for getting back. I do want to start over, mostly everything is good at default KBZN ,except taxi lights in wrong places, some taxiway missing and taxi lines that are not correct. Not sure if it is possible to just cleanup those things or if you have to basically start over. The biggest problem is all the airline traffic is landing on small grass strip 11-29 instead of the main runway 12-30, and then they disappears. There is no airline traffic at any gates either. Not sure if that can be fixed with the SDK. Thanks again.

Thanks for the tutorials, @PhyscoKiller414 - I find them very useful to get going. There are two issues that I am currently wondering about, though:

  1. Following your tutorial #2, I just created a little runway somewhere and was able to compile it and put the package into the community folder. Everything worked great, except: I haven’t installed the SDK. So if I can choose and define objects and even compile the BGL without the SDK, what do I actually need it for? The only thing I see right now: access to the samples, so I can get examples of more complex objects

  2. Yesterday I tried to install the SDK (current version: 0.13.0), but in deviation to your tutorial #1 it didn’t let me choose the install location. The “browse” button was grayed out, and it automatically installed on the C: drive. I don’t want to have the SDK there, and I don’t see why I should have to. Has there been any change in this since the installer shown in your tutorial video? Has anyone else run into this issue? I suppose you can just move the folder somewhere else after the installation, but I don’t know how many environment variables and registry entries are tied to it and won’t work afterwards…

It would be great if you (or someone else) could give me some feedback on these two issues. Thanks!

No problem, glad they helped!

As for actually needing the SDK to be installed I’ve never really been sure on this one myself. Lots of people say they create scenery etc. without it but I’ve always had it installed so can’t comment on that.

I needed the SDK docs and examples to learn about the SDK myself so I could make these videos so it’s extremely useful for me! Also I’ve dabbled in SimConnect a bit so needed for that side of things.

I’ll be honest I’ve not played MSFS for a good while (I think my Game Pass subscription has lapsed too so I don’t even own it right now!) hence the lack of videos lately. Hopefully someone else could help with your installer problem.