[Guide] How to move install directory for a Steam install

I wanted to move my install onto my NVME drive and I saw some others asking about it. So without further ado here are the simple steps to move your MSFS install without redownloading/installing.

  1. Go to Steam->Library->Right Click MSFS->Properties

  2. Select Local Files tab

  3. Select “Move Install Folder” and choose the new location (this will only move the smaller launcher).

  4. Find the folder with the MSFS content in it (if you are not sure where you installed it to you can find it by searching for a folder like “asobo-aircraft-c152”)

  5. Copy the entire MSFS content folder to the new install location of your choice

  6. Rename the original folder to something else (e.g. “oldMSFS”)

  7. Start MSFS, it should ask you to update/download files again. Choose browse and find the new install folder that you just created.

  8. After a short wait, the sim should start loading like normal and your are in business! Now you can safely delete the old folder.

Hope this helps!


FYI for anyone finding this thread after a search, DO NOT follow the above steps. When you move a game using Steam’s built in functionality it will automatically verify the files, which as is well documented by now, will delete all the MSFS packages. You will be stuck downloading the whole game again.

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for step 7 when you search for the game folder select “gamefolder/packages”

other than that worked well thanks