Guide to current Blender > MSFS workflow?

I see the guide here, but

  1. the last image shows an “MSFS Extensions” choice - I don’t have that, and

  1. There are no further instructions.

I tried making an object (and saved it to my community folder) but can’t find it.

Any help appreciated.


Recommend reaching out to the developer community here: Blender | FSDeveloper


Chris’ tutorials are very good.

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To my understanding that extension is part of the MSFS SDK, no?

You can download the SDK by enabling „dev mode“ in MSFS, there should then be a download option in the developer menu.

Note that the SDK is split into at least two downloads: core + examples

No idea if it’s part of the SDK, but I have the SDK installed. Anyway, since it’s a Blender plugin, it shouldn’t need the MSFS SDK installed to have this option available, since this part of the development may happen on a different machine than the one hosting MSFS.

I faintly remember some SDK changelog mentioning an official Blender plugin.

As you have already installed the (latest?) SDK: why don‘t you go and check it? :wink:

Doh… of course not: you would copy the Blender plugin from the SDK folder into the Blender plugin folder. Wasn‘t that obvious :wink:

Done, thanks.