Guides with Marketplace's Carenado CT182T Skylane


So I bought the Carenado CT182T Skylane froem the marketplace and was expecting PDF guides which usually come with most payware aircraft and I also think are provided with this aircraft from Carenado on other sim platforms.

Does anybody know where I can get my hands on some? (checklists, guides, etc)


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Sorry I can’t help with your request but I bought the plane too. Very disappointed with it, in fact, it’s rubbish. I wont be using it anymore.

what is rubbish about it? im new to payware planes and it seems fine to me as a learning point - but im very new to this.

Disclaimer: I don’t own this addon myself

That said I can tell you that I’m afraid it is no different to what is already included with the default Cessna 172. The two main instrument displays (called the G1000) are lifted directly from the default 172. The autopilot functionality is also identical to the default 172.

What you have purchased is a 3D model of a Cessna 182, with all the inner workings of the 172. I would suggest waiting for companies such as A2A simulations and PMDG to release products. You will certainly notice an enormous difference between those products, and the default aircraft.


ok thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

Perhaps I placed unnecessary expectations on it I guess. It turns out to be an expensive 3D model of the 172 but the sound is terrible. Not what I’m used to from this publisher from other sim platforms. I hope that they may update it in the future.

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FWIW, many of us long time, admittedly more hardcore, flight sim enthusiasts have learned not to give our mo ey to Carenado/Albaeo. They make very pretty airplanes but the beauty is only skin deep. Their systems modeling is typically very rudimentary and in this case, they have set a new low. As others have said you have paid for a pretty 3D model with default systems. I know that I am not Carenado’s target audience but really want people to be able to make an informed decision.


this is good to know - many thanks.

I just bought it blindly as the game is “free” under the xbox game pass things and so didnt mind putting a few quid into what i thought was going to be a better modelled / more feature rich plane.

Hopefully the good stuff will come through soon.


Is there any way to get a refund via steam of this BS Carenado CT182T?
Not what i expected! The 172 free version is way much better!

I agree and the G1000 of the 172 is better btw

I’m very surprised that MS / Asobo allowed Caranado to be the fist payware plane. Caranado’s track record of late (at least in Xplane) has not been good with their last 4 releases. Incomplete, poor flight dynamics, and lack of support. This release for MSFS is no better.


It took a while, but I found them! You need to know where all the Asobo aircraft files are. On my installation, the main executables are on C:, the library files are on D:. The Asobo files are in D:. When you find the Asobo files that match up with the sim aircraft, the Carenado folder is just after them. You need to dig into the folder structure and you’ll find the PDFs. I can’t get the CT182T started from cold and dark due to some glitch with the fuel flow at startup. (Bug report to both the Zendesk and to Carenado) The aircraft will fly if you start it on the runway, though. Hope this helps.

The G1000 in the 182 looks the same as the one in the 172, but I haven’t checked in detail to see if they are copies of one another.

There’s some pdf in the carenado folder int he simobjects folder.

I bought the plane, works fine, but the hobbs meter isn’t keeping track of hours, but the G1000 shows the hours on the engine.

Did you get the plane started from cold and dark?

I haven’t had a problem starting it. Be sure and turn on the fuel pump before starting. It needs to be primed


So, nobody has answered how to actually initiate a refund. How does one do it?

Bonjour ami(e)s pilotes,

Comment avez-vous fait pour acheter et télécharger cet avion ? De mon côté, version Steam, lorsque je fais l’achat, celui-ci se met en attente et il est fait mention de “crédits FlightSim” ! Faut-il acheter des Flight Coins comme stipulé, et ou peut-on acheter ce genre de crédits ?

Vous en remerciant par avance…

For this simple reason is why I will no longer purchase their aircraft. A simple small thing as a lack of a properly functioning Hobbs meter in quite a few of their AC dating back to FSX days which never got fixed after many times contacting their â– â– â– â–  poor support is keeping me away.

Anyone having this issue with any of their other MSFS AC? Please list them.