Gunpilot's Challenging Flights - Mabuhay - Philippines

Welcome to the 10th flight event in the Gunpilot’s Challenging Flights adventure series. This challenging flights event is located in the Philippines, on the main island of Luzon, and is again guaranteed to give you more of the heart pounding and sweaty palms experience that you have come to expect from Gunpilot’s flight events. It has been nicknamed “Mabuhay Philippines” as this translates to “welcome to the Philippines” in the Tagalog dialect of the country

This flight sees us depart from the Ninoy Aquino International airport in Manila and you will be given the opportunity to fly through the heart of Manila along the Pasig River out to the shore of Manila Bay. From there the route tracks across the bay then south and west to Subic bay where the American naval facility was situated from 1898 thru until 1992 when the Americans finally departed. From here we will strike north, landing on Mt Pinatubo, a volcano that last erupted in 1991 with the force 8 times that of the Mount St Helens volcano. A long glide will be made from here down to the Clark International airport in Angeles City and from here we will continue north up to the area known as “100 islands” which we will explore before concluding the flight. Along the way you will see dense urbanisation, villages in the jungle, rice fields, fish farms, volcanoes and plenty of small islands. January is the coolest time in the Philippines and the typhoon season has passed so you will find the climate and weather conditions very comfortable to fly in…again - Mabuhay!!!

When: Thursday 4th Feb 2021 @ 1930hrs UTC

Where: Philippines

Flight Duration: Approx 3hrs (depending on numbers attending)

Aircraft: Cessna Grand Caravan (as always as flight planned around Caravan performance)


Discord Server: MSFS Bush Pilots Discord Server - - and click on “Gunpilot’s-Events”

Flight Plan

Philippines.pln (5.2 KB)

Voice Chat accessed by clicking on Event Flight


  1. Cessna Caravan as all landing and other challenges built into flight are
    tailored for this aircraft specifically

  2. Turn Damage mode off as you will most likely suffer at least hard
    landings if not full on crashes

  3. Bring plenty of Duc Tape for running repairs

  4. Crash Helmets are optional, Prayers are advisable

  5. Embrace “SLEW” as it will be your friend by the end of the flight

  6. Practicing to make Caravan landing approaches at IAS of between 40-50knts max will see you nailing difficult landings with ease and precision.

  7. Make it easy on yourself to navigate around the route and accurately pinpoint the exact landing
    areas by downloading and using the free “LittleNavMap” s/w you can get on the web - you will
    never open the standard sim VFR Map again once you have tried this fantastic app that integrates
    seamlessly with MSFS2020.