Gunpilot's Challenging Flights - SAN FRAN CARAVAN (Urban Cowboys)

Welcome to the 50th flight event in the Gunpilot’s Challenging Flights adventure series. This challenging flights event has all of us putting our bush landing skills to the test while being “Urban Cowboys”, flying our Caravans around the San Francisco Bay area, and is again guaranteed to give you more of the heart pounding and sweaty palms experience that you have come to expect from Gunpilot’s flight events.

This flight is a bit different to our usual bush soirees in that we will be flying extensively around the San Francisco Bay, with landing and flying challenges such as:
*looping over and under the Golden Gate Bridge,
*“threading the needle” (try and guess what this challenge will entail),
*Bridge landings,
*and of course a gliding task.

Come and join in the fun as we celebrate the 50th, yes 50th!, flying event hosted in this server.

For those who are relatively new to the sim, or multiplayer experience, this flight is sure to make you re-think what fun can be had in the sim. We have an ever growing core group of flyers who will welcome you with open arms and make you feel like one of the gang in no time flat. As well, we have between all of us a wealth of knowledge re the intricacies of the sim and any questions you may have will be answered along the way as we fly the flight plan.

When: Friday 10th September @ 2300 UTC

Where: San Francisco, USA

Flight Duration: Approx 3hrs (depending on numbers attending)

Aircraft: Cessna Grand Caravan (as always as flight planned around Caravan performance)


Discord Server: 1 (click on “#event-news”)

Voice Chat accessed by clicking on Comms Radio
###Sometimes there are music tracks played - to turn the volume either up or down for your individual liking just right click on Rythm tag in the list of people on Comms Radio and adjust as you wish###

San Fran Caravan.pln (6.0 KB)


Cessna Caravan as all landing and other challenges built into flight are
tailored for this aircraft specifically

Turn Damage mode off as you will most likely suffer at least hard
landings if not full on crashes

Bring plenty of Duc Tape for running repairs

Crash Helmets are optional, Prayers are advisable

Embrace “SLEW” as it will be your friend by the end of the flight

Practicing to make Caravan landing approaches at IAS of between 40-50knts max will see you nailing difficult landings with ease and precision.

Make it easy on yourself to navigate around the route and accurately pinpoint the exact landing areas by downloading and using the free “LittleNavMap” s/w you can get on the web - you will never open the standard sim VFR Map again once you have tried this fantastic app that integrates seamlessly with MSFS2020.