H135 and GTN 750 not working

HI All,

Downloaded the H135 from HPG and it is showing that I have to install the GTN750 add on (see screenshot) . Figured out that that is a GTN750.txt file in the folder which has a instruction.

The instruction stated:

Here’s how to get the GTN750 into the H135.

Install H135 as normal and go here: GTN750 BETA

  • There are 3 items on the page. The first two are zip files you need to place into Community along side H135
  • The third is a checkout for $0 that lets you get a license key. The license key is very long.
  • Once you have all 3 folders (H135, GTN750-base and GTN750-preumium), start the simulator
  • Once into the H135, go to the right lower MFD, click Home and then click Open GTN750 The screen will go dark and then GTN750 will appear
  • Go to System → Setup → License. You need to first Enter License and enter the long key, then Activate License to activate it.

Now there are no 3 items available so I only downloaded the free version to test it. But after restart, the panel still showing that it is not installed.

Also in the content store, the addon show not installed.

Any tricks I have to do to get it working?


Here is a link to the PDF for it.
Installation procedure is in that.

Thanks! Will follow the doc :+1:t2:

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Now I could copy the directory pms50-instrument-gtn750 (the free version) to community folder but still in the content manager says not installed.

Followed the step in the install documents in unzip the files into the community folder

Where can I check the install log??

If it’s in your community folder, it is installed.
The content manager does not indicate properly for addons.
Because you don’t install it, you just place it in the Community Folder, there is no log.
MSFS reads all files in the Community Folder.
It then loads them before loading anything in the sim.

Ah didn’t know that. Thanks