H135 Helicopter Version Confusion

I have just discovered this much-appreciated addition to FS 2020 aircraft. I installed the 1.4.3 download from flightsim.to and put the HPG-Airbus-H135-Dev-Build-440_8nQCk file in my Community folder.

I am sitting in the pilot’s seat and am impressed with what I see. But I have no idea how to fly it. I resort to YouTube and discover several helpful videos. One thing I learnt was that the updates come thick and fast. When I attempt to follow the tutorials I soon discover that the cockpit instrumentation is different to mine.

YouTube says “Flick this switch here”. Trouble is, it isn’t. Maybe in the overhead panel? But there are at least two versions of this panel.

The thing is that there is no indication of what version I have. Flightsim.to says 1.4.3 yet YouTubers talk of versions 0.83, 0.84. 0.9. Any advance on 0.9? And where can I download any updates? I am thoroughly confused.

The three display screens are surrounded by a host of “Y” markers (buttons?) but there is no indication of what they do and if they are operative or not.

When I set the target altitude for the autopilot I press the button repeatedly and it increments the value by 100ft each press. But if I want to lower the target altitude I have no idea how to do it.

In conclusion, the developers have produced an outstanding product. They know everything about it inside out and up and down but they have neglected to produce a comprehensive user guide for the likes of me.

I live in hope!

Just a thought, but why not ask for help on flightsim.to? That’s where the developers are and there’s a great community there who will be more readily able to help you. Lots of the videos on YouTube are out of context and out of date, so it’s much better to get accurate information from the source :+1:

The H135 likes you to cycle your throttle at the start, so just move it up and down a bit to remove the warning message.

Method 1 - From cold and dark on the ramp.

  1. Access the overhead panel (via ctrl+4)
  2. Battery master - on
  3. Avio 1 & 2 - on
  4. Fuel system FWD - on, AFT - on, Prime 1 - on, Prime 2 - on.
  5. Lights - POS - on, ACOL - on.
  6. Pitot heating Pilot - on, Copilot - on.
  7. Move back to the main panel (F)
  8. Move Engine 1 start switch to idle (use mouse scroll wheel). And once engine 1 lights up as idle on upper panel (takes a bit) then
  9. Move Engine 2 start switch to idle. And once engine 2 lights up as idle on upper panel (takes a bit) then
  10. The 4 autopilot functions (located between the seats) then need to be toggled from off (lit in yellow) to blank.
  11. Move either engine 1 or engine 2 start switch to Flight (operates both)
  12. Then back to the overhead panel and turn off the prime 1 & 2 fuel switches.
  13. Then Lights, Strobe - on, Land - on.

Method 2 - If you start on the end of the runway

  1. On the ipad on the right side of the panel, click “Ready for takeoff”.

Once off the ground keep torque below 70% (normal flight) or below 78% (short periods only).

Lots of liveries on Flightsim.to

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Inside the folder you have put in Comunity there is a Quick Start Guide in pdf format.
For support you can join their Discord channel