H135 Questions

So i’m not sure if anyone can answer this or not. But when flying the H135 by Hype. When cruising with autopilot on, the aircraft tends to list left or right. Normally depending on the autopilot a heli has it will correct this on it’s own or you do with the rudders. But even using the rudders doesn’t seem to correct it as it just auto adjusts back to the listing attitude. What am I missing? Thanks gents and gals.

To be a bit more specific, HPG are very active on their Discord server. Below is an invitation link. They have a dedicated channel for H135 discussion.

The HPG H135 was developed a while ago as a freeware helicopter, and after that all their effort was put in the H145 payware, which is a lot more advanced and realistic. So it might well be that the behavior that you describe is just an artifact of their earlier flight model.

But it might also be that it is realistic, see for example the discussion linked here: aircraft physics - Are there any helicopters with tail rotors where slip-skid ball may be centered even when fuselage is streamlined to the airflow in cruising flight? - Aviation Stack Exchange