H135 Save Cockpit View

So in most addons I press ctrl+alt+v to save your main cockpit view.

However in the H135 addon this shortcut no longer works so I can’t change my main cockpit view. Has anyone fixed this and gotten it to work?

I encourage you to join Hype Performance Group Discord for direct interaction with the developer. I can’t help you I use the H145 and get answers there if I need to do so.

thanks, but I prefer the MSFS2020 forums over discord (it’s too chaotic and hard to organize thoughts and threads). There are a lot of helpful people on these forums.

I’m considering getting the H145 after I test out the H135, it’s a lot of fun. However need to know if you can save your cockpit view first as that’s a deal-breaker. It’s possible the H145 is the same, so do you know how do you do it with that one?

I use flight.to and downloaded the Better Cameras file for HPG and extracted to community folder. But yes, you could modify and save a view. Are you saying you can’t with the H135? You should be able to set up and assign a keyboard command to the keyboard or device like in any aircraft.

I understand your reluctance to use Discord as it takes a while to get used to. Some channels are friendlier than others, too. HPG and their members are top notch with maintaining a pleasant and helpful experience in their Discord.

so I can save the normal internal custom camera views. but the default camera view that you access by pressing the “reset cockpit view” key isn’t working like it does in every other addon.

normally, after first purchasing a new addon, you’d translate the camera to your desired internal cockpit view, then press “ctrl+alt+v” and that saves the default camera view. Then anytime you want to get back to the default camera view you’d simply press “reset cockpit view” (which i have assigned to my joystick) and the camera will fly back to your saved view.

however this is not working in the H135 for some reason. it’s a mystery

well i liked it enough so i went ahead and bout the H145 :joy:

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