Hacks already?

So couple days ago i saw someone fly across Los Angles in about 3 seconds just zoomed across the screen. May be a bug i don’t know? Anyone else see this happen? Hacks Maybe??

As far as I know that’s a bug. It happens quite a lot

OK good to know.

Could they have also been slewing? Slew mode is bound by default (like FSX) to the “Y” key. You can bind your joystick like this for movement and the rudder is bound to “SLEW YAW AXIS”.

Slew mode isn’t a hack. But maybe only hacks use slew mode. Makes u think.

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I’ve also noticed that if I ESC to change some binds, when I go back in they go skittering across the map. It’s like they stopped too and then have to double time it to get to where they would have been if we hadn’t paused.

Was this a citation about FL400 coming from the north?

I do know that i was not paused before this happened.

I guess it could be Slewing. Though i don’t really understand how that works.

*Loads up his AimBot hack , ok where them birds at now!

That must have been definitely someone that used slew mode, seen it a couple times and I myself used it 2 times at an event to get close to the group to fly together but there are people that use it almost constantly just to fky on turbo. Also if you indeed pause the game and continue then the server will try to catch you up so it will have to play catchup resulting in that behaviour where they hop around like wild rabbits in the sky until the server and you catched up where they are in real time. Best thing is not to pause while online playing with others.

Meanwhile in FSX, a hot air balloon is flying at mach 2

If you think about it. ILS it the aimbot equivalent for flight sims.

Could be “Slew” mode? Cant really hack in a flight sim unless your racing someone.

In a nutshell, slewing is for placing your aircraft in an ideal position and lets you move the aircraft around like it’s in a 3D art program. You can move it however you want it, really really fast to get it lined up. In FSX you saw this a lot when it came time to Taxi. Lots of lazy people :slight_smile: