'Halo and Microsoft Flight Simulator are equally important' says Jason Beaumont

Jason Beaumont who is a partner director at Microsoft mentions MSFS alongside their showstopper game Halo. This is huge for MSFS to get such value and recognition and be mentioned in the same sentence with Halo.

More here Halo and Microsoft Flight Simulator “are equally important” | PCGamesN


Considering Halo is Xbox’s biggest associated I.P, this is a pretty good sign regarding MS continual support for the sim.

*In before someone calls it an xbox scenery arcade game…


It will be very interesting to see where it all leads once the title is available for X-Box.

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Wow, so MSFS is treated the same as Halo, considering Halo along side Forza series are Microsoft’s pride, that is indeed big thing. Also, considering the fact MSFS is the longest game franchises (I think) and part of Microsoft’s history, I think it makes sense for Microsoft to keep it


Hard to believe that this series is older than even windows itself.


The in-sim Marketplace probably has a lot to do with this.


It will be a Xbox arcade game…PC version will be left out to dry​:wink:🥸Sorry mate…couldn’t resist it.:innocent:


Guess it’s time to make a version of Red VS Blue Halo commentary for MSFS 2020.

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This is really not surprising. Halo is a very relevant gaming series, but MSFS is much more. It’s basically the poster boy of the application of Microsoft’s most touted technologies and services. Its relevance goes much beyond gaming and sales.

When Microsoft is pitching something like Azure to a big customer, you can be sure Microsoft Flight Simulator is on these slides. This kind of practical application and the numbers that accompany it (petabytes streamed and so forth) does wonders in impressive executives and convincing them to move millions of dollars, regardless of whether they’re into gaming or not.


I’ve felt like Microsoft/WMR dropped the ball back then as far as producing VR flagship titles to help launch the WMR Headsets(Samsung Odyssey,HP Reverb, Acer,Lenevo). Both vr native wmr exclusive Halo and Forza titles would have been a huge hit for Microsoft/WMR to spearhead the whole vr headset introduction years back.
Both Halo VR and Forza VR would have been an excellent lineup with MSFS.
I also find it lame that XBOX never responded to the PSVR tech with anything for console VR.

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Funny how things go in a circle. It wasn’t that long ago when Micro$oft killed Aces Studio and FSX along with it……

Now we are putting MSFS up on the same pedestal as Halo and Minecraft. Strange times indeed…lol

Well, is the effect of having dumb CEO back then vs now a smart visionary CEO

It was very long ago in corporate terms. Microsoft is an entirely different company now, under several points of view, including corporate philosophy, structure, and leadership.


Tbh more credit goes to Phill Spencer. He literally revived the Xbox brand.

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True, it was his go ahead

there’s a huge player potential on Xbox

Tricky thing will be to keep them playing, and so far, as I already said, game is not offering a lot for that.

They have to add some kind of missions, like we had in FSX, or something like NeoFly/AirHauler/etc

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Halo isn’t what it used to be while Flight Simulator made a huge comeback. Flight Simulator is in a good spot to stay relevant for XBox.Hopefully MS includes Bing Maps as well.

It’s a perfect fit for their gamepass push with the marketplace making the money.

Asobo basically handed Microsoft a gift in Flight Simulator. If the reports are accurate, Asobo saw the potential of their graphics AI technology and approached Microsoft at a good time for Microsoft to be interested and Microsoft provided core FSX code to see the project through. Without all that, there might not even be a FS2020. Before Asobo, Lockheed-Martin had the rights to serious training and Dovetail had entertainment rights but choked on their “all new” (it really wasn’t) flight simulator and left entertainment uses to rot. Both obtained the rights when Microsoft cut Flight Simulator and disbanded the teams. Don’t know the legal agreements but Flight Simulator and realistic flight simulation was really only being kept alive by LM and 3rd party devs for quite some time. While Microsoft was instrumental in seeing FS2020 to retail again, this was all dropped in their lap. On their own, Microsoft killed and sold Flight Simulator and washed their hands of it.

True, but much easier to add missions to the existing game, than to start with missions and try to build a simulator.

They already have “missions” in the form of bush trips and landing challenges, it won’t be that hard to expand those out.

I’m excited for the future!

Halo in VR!!! :rofl: