Halo Pelican, its VTOL System, and how to use it on a personal project?

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I was wondering if anyone has figured out how the VTOL system works in the new Halo Pelican and how one can use it in a personal project to have hover and vertical take-off on a plane project?

I do not seem to see how the vehicle ties into the coding for hover flight mode, which is triggered by afterburner. I see no form of controls coding, no special gauge that has the tech in it.

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No one has figured it out yet?

I talked to a bud on discord, he hinted the logic is in the interior.xml - look out for “BOOST SWITCH” there.

The flight model itself is in flight_model.cfg under the section [PELICAN_FLIGHT_MODEL]

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Many thanks, Delta2k5,

I was able to check the Hover switch and found it was tied into Afterburners. I’ll check the Boost switch.

Hey =)

i was the guy who gave the hint. and yes should be the “SWITCH_MODE_ACTION” here:

	** <Component ID="BOOST_SWITCH">
		<Parameters Type="Default">
		<Parameters Type="Override">
		<UseTemplate Name="ASOBO_Interaction_Base_Template">
				p0 if{ 
					1 (&gt;L:#L_VAR#)
					(O:Saved_AP_state) if{ (&gt;B:AUTOPILOT_AP_1_On) }
					(A:AUTOPILOT MASTER, Bool) d (&gt;O:Saved_AP_state)
					if{ (&gt;B:AUTOPILOT_AP_1_Off) }
					0 (&gt;L:#L_VAR#)
	</Component> **

You can also just copy the [PELICAN_FLIGHT_MODEL] from the flight_model.cfg into any other plane and it will hover. Obviously it only hover then and needs the switch to normal mode :slight_smile:

I would guess the new hover mode is deeply intetragted into the game EXE


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Thanks Maxx2504! I’ll check that out.