Hand tracking for real-world cockpit

Most hand tracking request I see are for the game to recognize the hand positions and allow you to interact with the virtual cockpit. I just want to see where my hands are in relation to my view so I can reach out and interact with a button/switch/dial/etc on a real dashboard. This should be possible with some existing headsets right? I’m doing some lazy research right now by asking here, I will admit. My goal is to have a bunch of switches and toggles and dials, which I can then arrange into any layout I need for any plane I want to fly, embedding them in some cheap balsa framed out like the actual cockpit. I like the idea of interacting with things directly in the sim but I like more the ability to interact with actual objects

Hi There
I got the VRFree sensoryx gloves but they are compatible just with DCS and other simulators, not MFS 2020.
I wrote to Sensoryx and they told me they are waiting for the support VR of MFS and they are considered to work for the compability of the gloves. They are expansive 750 swiss francs.

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