Hangar parking spaces for GA aircraft

I wish there were some GA airports with open hangars with parking spaces inside them facing out so I could start cold and dark in a hangar and taxi out without need for pushback.

Are there any airports like that?

Almost all third party airports have open hangars that you can utilize.

These are just 3 quick ones I had on hand that I’ve used.


I have lots of free and paid airports but I’ve only seen a few with open hangars and hardly any that have a parking spot in them facing out so I can spawn there cold and dark and taxi from there without need for pushback or driving through walls.

Can you name a few that do have that?

But in real life you dont start a plane in the hanger, you pull it out of the hanger, and then proceed with your startup.


You never start a plane in the hangar.


My local airport I created with the help from two others has multiple open hangars. Only 1 has a spawn directly inside of it though. You can download it here. Its completely free. KMQS - Chester County G.O. Carlson Airport » Microsoft Flight Simulator

Thanks everyone! I get it, not realistic to start the engine inside.

Well … more along the lines of not safe. You push the aircraft out by hand or use a mini tug. You would normally also shutdown first and push it back in when parking.

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Or be like Mike Patey, swing the tail around, and reverse it in.

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Well, guess the pushback needs a pushfront function now? (or was there already such a thing?)

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You can specify forwards or backwards with toolbar pushback.


Yeah, it would still be nice to spawn into a hangar like I own the place, then slew forward or initiate push forward out of the hangar before doing the startup.

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The photo above with my CJ4 parked in the hangar is from

You can spawn into that one.

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Hi All

I’m sure if I remember correctly in FSX and using Air Hauler add on I was able to specify that I re spawned exactly where I left my aircraft and i was able albeit not correct procedure to park my aircraft into a hangar and quit FSX and startup next day from the same spot.

Not sure that is possible with MSFS 2020

Pretty sure if you save .flt in a hanger it will load from there.

South Oak Co’s Port Allen in Hawaii is one of my favorite hangar parking spaces for GA aircraft.

You can spawn into the hangar… I think it’s called “Dock 1” when selected on the world map.

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How do you find their airports? I haven’t bought one personally but from the photos they look very, almost like a Lego movie scene.

I own all South Oak Co’s airports available in the marketplace.

I got them when they were on sale. Not sure I’d pay full price for all of them now, but I do think Port Allen was worth it for the hangar. It my personal airport :smile:

Anyway, I actually think their most “feature rich” airport is Lanai (PLNY). It has some animation and is the “biggest” airport they made (but no hangar there).

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Which is kinda ironic as Mark and Mike Patey own and run Best Tugs which make aircraft tugs.

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