Hardware Advice Request

Hi all,

Am enjoying MSFS in VR on a Quest 2 headset. Very emersive and am very impressed, when I think of what FS was like in the early 90s! Mostly flying GA, single engine - bordering on bush flying.

I’d like to upgrade hardware in the next few months and would really appreciate advice on what to change to and the priorty each should be given (i.e. what gives the best impact!).

My PC specs are :

Intel Core i9 10900K @ 3.70GHz
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti
Quest 2

Taking each of these as an upgrade, what would be the best path for upgrading, e.g. Would a Quest 3 offer better performance over a Quest 2 in isolation, or would a 3090 or 4080 provide a better VR experience?

Obviously, if money wasn’t the option I would just upgrade all massively! But unfortunately the lottery win hasn’t come through yet.

Any help / advice, really appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi @MrSteveTBags,
If possible, I’d suggest delaying any purchase until after the FSExpo at the end of this month. We are hoping that more information about MSFS2024 - including hardware specs (maybe) - will be available then.

My guess at this point is that your GPU would be the logical first choice, CPU next, also your PSU may need to be upgraded depending on what PSU you have now & what your new CPU+GPU combination requires.

But (assuming that you are interested in purchasing MSFS 2024 when it releases in November) any suggestions would be dependent upon the aforementioned TBD hardware specs.

I don’t have VR, so will leave that part of your request to the experts in that area! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Please wait for Msfs2024 :airplane:


Thank you both, was thinking that was maybe the best option.

I bought my current PC on best spec estimate for MSFS, so makes sense I upgrade based on MSFS 2024!

Thanks again.