Has Aerosoft ever put the CRJ on sale?

Does anyone know if their CRJ bundle has gone on sale since it’s release? I’ve been watching it for a while, but I also know it’s still fairly new. Just on the fence if I should hold out or just bite the bullet.

Thanks to those that respond.

Just recently picked it up on a whim. I was pleasantly surprised at how much better it is than what I had preconceived. Recommended. It has been out a while now and once we get more airliners in the Sim, I am sure it will go on sale at the next big sale. When are the other top teir airliners coming out in the sim …?

I bought the 550/700 sometime in September last year when it was on sale.

i bought the 550/700 when it was released but am not sure if the bundle has ever been on sale. It would cost me an extra 20 euro for the stretched versions but thats something I will only ever do when I have mastered the 550. I think its sells well so I can understand why it doesnt go on sale

Yes. It went on sale exactly once I think at 30% off.

Thanks folks. I’ll give it a bit more time and see what happens.

Yes, it was on sale last September, 30% off. That’s when I picked it up. Now just hoping JustFlight puts the Hawk on a 30% sale too some time soon.

It is on sale again (bought!)… for others who might be interested.

Caveat emptor - browse their forums a bit, the issues and necessary workarounds are debated at length there. If you’re not careful you can crash the systems for the entire plane & need a restart ( all that works are primary flight controls ), and don’t try flying a hold at all, that just doesn’t work. If you can plan around the problems, you can get some decent fulfilment out of it. Fixes have been promised for actual years at this point.