Has anybody bought Dreamscenery Atlanta?

I’m thinking about purchasing the Dreamscenery Atlanta, but i don’t know anything about this company. Has anybody downloaded this yet? If so, how does it look and run fps wise?

Can’t say that I have, could you share a link to the product page, please?

It is available in the msfs market

The only one I could find on the market (KATL Atlanta) is Imaginesim’s - I assume you’re referring to this one.

There’s a review on YouTube from FS Elite:

Not sure what the general consensus is about this one - and, more importantly, if there have been updates since that review.

Personally I held off purchasing it since a decent KATL has been included in World Update USA (to me it looks more accurate than Imaginesim’s) - you’ll find a comparison with it in the same review, starting at 5:06.

the one in the market is from Dreamscenery. It’s not an airport, it is a city pack. Looks nice, but i’m unfamiliar with Dreamscenery. Just look for Dreamscenery under the ‘Creator’ tab.

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Sorry, honest misunderstanding :slight_smile:

That one looks exactly like Illuminator’s Atlanta on Simmarket, I’d say it’s the same product sold under a different name: same screenshots and same product description.
I happen to have that because it was free on Simmarket (somewhere last February, now it’s around 7USD). It’s ok, but it’s only night lightning - there’s nothing else added.

If you fly a lot over Atlanta, at night, it will have its use but it’s a bit pricey for what it is.

Found a video for you:

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Thanks so much for your input. Your right, if it is only lighting that they enhanced, it might not be worth the expenditure. Thanks again for the great input. Very helpful.

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