Has anybody got ORBX EGNM installed?

How far away from the addon airport roughly were you when you CTD? (Local server issue)

Final Approachs and Runways made the ctd´s. Under 15/20nm around the scenery. Maybe closer.

Sounds promising, will try later or tomorrow. Hopefully thats the solution. :smiley:

Hmmmm I have ORBX EGLC and I can’t load in to that, sim just crashes to desktop did not even get to the screen with press to fly.

I have had no issues previously with this.

Tried that early on in the morning and still CTD, the nearest I have got before CTD was starting at a nearby MSFS airport and ‘skewing’ all the way to ‘ORBX EGNM’ and 30 seconds or so after arriving at RNY 32 and turning "Skew Mode’ off I CTD.

tried it on a add on with the ctd bug, sadly it still ctd. Oh man, this drives me crazy.

This is a MSFS issue (Growing pains in the first full year, no excuse after that) , I only hope a ‘blame game’ doesn’t become of this, the addon Devs (too many users reporting the issue now) will most likely be in touch with MSFS and I’m sure a fix will be provided soon, if like me, you have spent the whole day trying to investigate and fix this issue yourself I would chill out with a nice glass of red (or what ever poison you prefer) and let the guys who get paid to fix this kind of stuff work their magic. Always expect the unexpected as far as tech is concerned :slight_smile:

Try doing this for all your 3rd party addon airports:

thx mate, u´r absoluty right. I´m off for a wine. Hopfully the solution is not to far away :smiley: Have a nice weekend start!

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Well I think the red wine will do the trick. Hopefully an update soon to sort this out.

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I wish I’d seen this topic earlier. It’s well after 1am & I should be in bed! Just spent the last couple of hours trying to figure out why MSFS keeps crashing… especially when close to EGNM!
I removed two new addon aircraft… emptied the community fielder… even uninstalled Ge Force Experience! Eventually uninstalling Orbx EGNM & the crashes stopped.
I’ll reinstall it tomorrow.(today)


I have that airport from orbx, and have the same CTD but at different airports, I think its where two sets of scenery have conflicting file names, so it ALL depends on what scenery each user has combinations of.

Its really annoying and very unpredictable

This thread (and in particular this post within the thread) may be of interest in regard to this issue: Bing Data causing crashes with add-on Airports or Scenery - #11 by GodzoneVF

I confirm this, ORBX issue. My LOWI and EGLC, crashing/CTDs. Change to non-ORBX like LOIJ, the sim is OK.

If turning off Bing Data gets rid of the CTD/Crash, please report this in your post. There may also be Marketplace failures of UK items as well. NOTE: The CM Team has been made aware of this.

Please use this topic:

We want to centralize this issue on the forum. Thank you.


His problem has nothing to do with mine in my thread, why are you forwarding him to my thread? a bit confusing somehow …

Ack! You are right, I did put the wrong link there!
I corrected it.

LOL so where do I need to be?

It’s ok, I have seen the new link :slight_smile:

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