Has anybody got ORBX EGNM installed?

Has anybody got ORBX Leeds/Bradford EGNM installed? Something in the sim has changed for me that is causing it to crash when I’m loading the Icon and other AC to start at this airport. I have an Acronis backup from the 6 Feb 2021 that I have reloaded which is a good working backup to see if any changes to Windows or any other updates have been made causing the crash. I have a feeling that MSFS has updated something in the background whether its a bad texture in the data stream or something else. With my system using a snap shot from a week ago I’m struggling to believe something in my system or install is causing the issue. I’m still testing but if anybody could load up their sim and start at EGNM the ORBX version and let me know if they have the same issue that would be a great help thanks.

Update: If I turn off all Online Functionality (Use Off Line Textures) I can load the EGNM airport. I’m putting this down to the outage MS have had recently possibly corrupt data being downloaded, I’ll wait and see if it clears up, if not I’ll make a report to Zendesk, I’ll keep this backup snap shot I have so I can show it’s an issue on their side.

No problem here, just checked with the icon.

The possibilty downloaded data is corrupted is almost none, updates are zip files with crc.

You could delete the add-on and others you downloaded before your backup and redownload to be sure. Or delete AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Content.xml and restart the sim.

Or, maybe it is a cache problem. In your settings > data delete the Cache file and retry that.

Thanks for letting me know, like I said. I’m using a snap shot of my system from a week ago, so I have effectively gone back in time 6 days when everything was working fine, so it isn’t anything I have done or added to cause the issue. I have done tests all morning and removed all add-ons etc, the default EGNM airport loads up fine, the ORBX airport loads fine when I disable the streaming textures, there is a conflict with the ORBX EGNM and the photos textures of MSFS somewhere.

Weird problem, delete the cache to be sure you have clean data and/or delete the add-on and retry. There is no option to check game files and your only option would be a full download. But more add-ons would likely have issues if it was game data.

Yes it is a strange one. I don’t have a lot of add-ons in fact I have Las Vegas and Zell Am See, only three add-ons. I never have any of the Caches options on scenery wise, no mods even. I have a warning now that my packages are out of date and the Sim has signed me out. Could be a clue (cleared content cache)

Nope as soon as I re-enable the photo scenery the sim crashes. I’ll wait and see if it clears itself up first

If you have the microsoft store version of MSFS then you could also try, under advanced app settings “repair app”. Don’t click “reset app” as this will delete downloaded core game files, but “repair app” is safe to use.

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We have a new category called Third Party Addon Discussion for discussing third party airports, aircraft, scenery, and utilities. I have moved your post there.

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Hi, no its the DVD version. I’m still convinced that it is a MSFS issue. Like I said previously I have loaded a snap shot of my system from 6 days ago when everything was working great, I fly out of EGNM in real life and while COVID is still around I use MSFS to keep my mind fresh so it’s an airport I often use within the sim. Everything has been running fine until I tried to load ORBX EGNM this morning (approx. 8:00 am GMT). The ORBX EGNM hasn’t received any updates to cause issues, no drivers have been updated and nothing has been tinkered with mods. If I had done anything to cause this issue over the last 12 hours than a roll back of my system to six days ago would have cured it. The only thing I can think of is that the fresh data that is being streamed to my MSFS install is being corrupted in some way.

Seems to be an issue for others:

“Not had a problem before but since today my UK Orbx sceneries are crashing the sim. For instance when trying to fly from EGNM or EGLC (the only ones I have in the UK) the sim does not even load just a CTD in the loading screen. I uninstalled EGNM and loaded the Sim with default scenery fine. Did the same with London City same result. Have Orbx installed anything prior to the UK update that didnt happen yesterday?? By the way KORS works fine in the USA. Thanks for any updates. Mike”

3 hours ago

Seems ORBX EGNM isn’t the only product with issues. Seems more UK ORBX airports are suddenly crashing MSFS on scenery loading. I’m convinced that this is related to the outage last night. It seems users who are relying on fresh streaming data and do not have cached scenery are the ones having this issue, then again it may not as Gremlins just intend to cause havoc :slight_smile:

Edit: Not just UK airports, reports coming in that it could be a World ORBX airport issue.

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Hi all, as the title says I have a crash to desktop when using LBA as my Airport. Apart from using LBA I don’t suffer with any crashing or lagging whilst in game. It runs very well and the graphics are fantastic.
I purchased the Airport through MSFS store and its the ORBX LBA.

So far after looking through many forums I have tried

Deleting the rolling cache
Disabling the rolling cache
Deleting the LBA Download from SSD
Re downloaded and restarted etc
increasing the cache from default to 50gb
uninstalled the liveries as someone suggested a faulty texture might be to blame

So after all these I’m still at the point where where it loads into the page ‘FLY’ and then returns to desktop after crashing.

Last week when I used MSFS LBA worked fine and no issues at all.

Any help would be great and if anymore information is needed then please let me know.

Many thanks Richard

Windows 10 Pro Latest
Ryzen 7 2700x
32GB 3200 Ram
1TB NVME drive for MSFS 2020
500GB NVME operating drive for windows
GeForce 1660super graphics card
750 PSU

SAME HERE! Since today I have CTD´s on mass, wondering what happend.
Can´t even play anymore, so frustrating.

got a lot of add ons, i removed them, then it works at the same airports without addons.

Are you local to EGNM in real life (Local Server) are you using cached or non cached scenery, sometimes the manual cache doesn’t work at all so test it by turning ‘Bing data’ off and try loading ORBX EGNM again, do you still have photo realistic data? Does ORBX crash when you have ‘Bing Data’ turned off and using the default textures? Only do this if you have a back up of your cached data so you don’t lose it when trying out these options.

Macco sim suggested a good method purging 3rd party airports.

Delete the airport from your community folder or official (through the content manager).

Spawn in at the airport.

Restart the game/reinstall the airport. Spawn back in and see if fixed.

But yes I have this and haven’t had any issues lately.

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Started all today morning. I bought after the Marktplace Update the Aerosoft Airport Vitoria-Forondo Airport. Immediately on Runway it started to CTD. Tried it a few times, always the same moment, I went from Idle to Toga and ctd. Removed the AddOn, tried the same, everything fine(first I thought it is maybe a addon problem). So, I started a new flight from TDM Scenery Design - Airport A Coruna to LATINVFR - MADRID-BARAJAS LEMD. No CTDs. Then I flew from GAYA SIMULATIONS LTD. - LOWW - VIENNA SCHWECHAT AIRPORT MSFS to AEROSOFT - AIRPORT COLOGNE/BONN MSFS on Final Approach between EDDL( JUSTSIM - DÜSSELDORF AIRPORT MSFS and EDDK crash to desktop!. Started on EDDL AddOn, ctd. Startet on EDDK AddOn ctd. Removed the add ons, it works. WTF!?

How far away from the addon airport roughly were you when you CTD? (Local server issue)

Final Approachs and Runways made the ctd´s. Under 15/20nm around the scenery. Maybe closer.

Sounds promising, will try later or tomorrow. Hopefully thats the solution. :smiley: