Has anyone tested JustSim Palma de Mallorca (LEPA) after the UK world update?

Anyone has tested LEPA by Justsim after the UK world update?
I has CTD in this scenery two days before World Update III was launched and i decided to uninstall it until they release a FIX or workaround for this airport.

can’t say I have tried it since the UK update. but I flew in and out of the third-party LEPA last week with no issues

I was just going to buy it since it’s on sale but noticed the IMPORTANT! comment:

So what happens when there’s an update? Do we have to be messing with Content.xml? I don’t want another thing to worry about after each sim update. There are already too many things to do for updates.

This seems rather weak on JUSTSIM’s behalf. They need to work this out with Microsoft before I buy it.

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why do we have to change manually things in the content.xml? what is incorrect without changing the file?