Has something changed?

Been playing since release, never had a CTD once… Today 2 on the same flight.

Other than WU has something changed today/yesterday?

@Noctover. A quick forum search will turn up quite a few recent threads. Please check this thread here.

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yes it has. Clear issue with online services causing CTD, British Av Geek proved it today on his live stream. I just had CTD in the CRJ, nothing has changed my end since i flew last week and I’ve not had a CTD for over a year. @moderators @MSFSCommunityTeam please can you feed this back and report back?

EDIT - thanks @Sartanius, perhaps feel free to close / merge this thread to keep things clean, and that thread you linked has all the info we need with input from the @MSFSCommunityTeam


Thankyou kindly. I was going to do a search for CTD but figured id be drowning in results since the beginning of time :).


OP directed to main CTD thread here.