Have all 3rd party add-ons sent to Content Manager for us to download

Wouldn’t it be easier to have all 3rd party add-ons sent to the content folder for us to download? I bought one of the new planes from Just flight and it would be so much
Easier to have it sent to the content folder and download it when l am ready.

Do you mean the “Content Manager” in MSFS?

Yes, that’s what I ment.

Doing what you are suggesting would pose a risk as there are many add-ons from many different sources that are not verified. If it was possible, it would almost require an executable to interact with MSFS thus increasing the chance of more harmful content.

The Marketplace does this if the Developer chooses to use it. Going through this process is lengthy for the developer and also verifies the files that they do not contain viruses or other potentially harmful files for the end user.

There has been community discussion of opening up the Marketplace to “Trusted 3rd Party” (those that have not gone through the Microsoft Partnership) program. However, this process would again be lengthy for the developer to push out updates, as again, all must be verified.

There is a topic in #self-service:wishlist here:

You can add to that discussion if you wish as that area of the forum is for feature requests that do not exist in MSFS.

EDIT: I have altered you topic title and moved your topic into General Discussion with the #content-manager tag.

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I am trying to get a plane I bought on just flight installed in msfs. I got it to the D drive, how do I get to msfs?

There is a folder called “Community” that is created by MSFS that this would go into. Not the compressed file you downloaded but rather the content in it. Depending on which version of MSFS you bought, is where the “Community” folder would be.

Copy and paste the appropriate folder location into the File Explorer address bar.

Windows Store install:

Steam install:
%APPDATA%\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\

Boxed version install:

Custom install:
If you happened to use a custom location for your Flight Simulator installation, then locate the custom folder and look for the Community folder there.

OK, I think have the Xbox version. I found a virtual content folder that has the planes listed, this is where the download should right?

That folder is for “Official” MSFS content.

It goes into a folder named “Community”.

I installed MSFS in the D drive. I looked in c drive, nothing there for MSFS. I have yet to find this community folder. I am just used to the way the older flight sims worked, FSX and FS9, when downloaded something and it went to the folder on its own!

I found it. Now I have to get it there :joy:

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OK, I finally got my Virtualcol Beechcraft 99, but windows are grayed out. Any one have this problem? This the first 3rd party plane I bought from just flight hope there is fix.

Glad you got it installed! :slight_smile:
You might be best to ask that question in this topic:

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