Have all In-game Reno plane sales go to the families

Due to the recent tragedy with two Reno pilots Sunday, it would be a very kind act to have all Reno plane sales in the game go to the families of the pilots involved. This is the kind of thing this community does…

My heatfelt sympathy goes out to everyone involved…


Retroactively include the families of all pilots killed at that event over the years.

From my understanding, it’s just the two specific aircraft in the Reno package, yeah? I don’t expect them to donate from ALL the aircraft, maybe just those two purchased individually or the part/percentage of the package with those included.

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I dont think we need to get too specific, Microsoft will get the general idea and do as they see fit…

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Some posts removed. Be respectful and considerate toward everyone and any tragedy.

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Thank you.

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Thank you Hester.

There was a 5 year old girl killed by a Frecce Tricolori crash 2 days ago.

Just in case you missed it.

Yes, I heard about that recently… also very sad.

I have not purchased any Reno packages, simply because it is not my type of flying.
But if that was announced officially I would do it.