Have people forgotten this was finalized during a pandemic?

Looking at all the rants and (legit) feedback, it seems people have forgotten that at one moment, the developmental team had to work during a pandemic, mostly at home, and than go ballistic on the forums that your favorite plane is missing a knob or that your PC can’t play it in 4K ultra in 60 fps, like come back to reality already people.


By the same logic, they didn’t have to release it in the middle of a pandemic. In fact, a pandemic would’ve been a relatively good reason to say we’re behind where we need to be, it’s going to be delayed.


Great. Literally NOBODY was expecting it to release on the 18th. Everyone was caught off guard. If you have a product that has a number of significant issues and nobody is expecting it to be released for a few months, don’t just magically decide to release it well before people were expecting.

I agree with things like the 4k/60 complaints being a little silly. I also think your description of what the majority of complaints are is intentionally at the bottom end to pad your point. I am more than happy to say that features havent been added yet because things have been slowed down by the pandemic. That’s fine. No issues at all with that stance. However, glaring oversights and things that have been reported for literally 5 months just being ignored or even completely removed from the files is not something you get to wash your hands of criticism from because people are working from home.


The logic people are using to justify their anger is they paid money for the game. Which, I can kind of understand. But, some of the anger is ridiculous. Not being able to play 4k ultra, when a majority of people are still 1080p gaming is just entitlement. Considering this is a next-gen game and to my knowledge, one of the first next-gen titles released, issues are to be expected.

Maybe I am in the minority here, but I’ve had a lot of fun in this game issues and all, that I am okay with them releasing when they did and then fixing issues after the fact. I am impatient and as a developer myself, I am perhaps more sympathetic to the pressure that Asobo would have been under and the complexities of this game.


Disagree completely. (A) Not the majority is 1080p, that has changed much more recently and you can view Steam to see that 1080 is actually not a growing segment (B) this game was marketed as next gen… this wasn’t just fan boys saying it would be awesome, it was marketed as such!

Yes, the game is fun and I’m still playing daily, but after this latest fiasco, Asobo needs to step it up.

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Keep in mind that the developers and publisher are separate - Asobo very well could have been saying that.

This is neither the time nor place for dangerous ignorance and conspiracy theories.


The World Health Organisation are the ones who declared it’s a pandemic. I’m sure your alternative news sources have plenty of things to say, in between the anti-5G and Bill Gates conspiracy theories. There is no place for them on this forum.


Enough with the “not a pandemic” bs. This isn’t a conspiracy theory reddit forum. Stay on topic.


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